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Book and lyrics by Sean Barry
Directed by Kent Nicholson
Musical Direction by Matt Castle
Orchestrations by Mary-Mitchell Campbell

Development history:
  • 2008 Writers’ Retreat at TheatreWorks/Palo Alto
  • 2008 Sundance Theatre Institute White Oak Residency
  • 2008 Workshop at TheatreWorks/Palo Alto
  • 2010 Weston Playhouse Theatre Company New Musical Award
  • 2010 Workshop in NYC & at Weston Playhouse, VT
  • 2011 National Alliance for Musical Theatre Production Grant
  • 2012 Collaborative Arts Project Writers in Residence Program
  • 2012 York Theatre Company Developmental Reading Series
  • 2014 ASCAP/Dreamworks Musical Theatre Workshop

  • World Premiere Production, August 26 – September 4, 2011 Weston Playhouse Theatre Co., Weston, VT

“Saint-Ex” is a musical journey through the life of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the French author and aviator perhaps best known throughout the world as the author of the children’s classic, The Little Prince. In the 1920s, Saint-Exupéry was one of the pioneering members of the Aéropostale, the air-mail company that opened delivery from France to Dakar. In their open-cockpit planes and without the benefit of radar or weather reports, the pilots of the Aéropostale overflew the Pyrenees and the Sahara, risking their lives for the mail and for one another. Over the following decade, they would conquer the skies of South America and establish the first trans-Atlantic mail delivery service. Saint-Exupéry became famous in the 1930s for his books about this heroic era of flight, garnering literary awards both in France and America and earning the title of one of “the eternals” of the Académie Française. Yet his most famous book, The Little Prince, was written on Long Island, where Saint-Exupéry found himself in exile during the Nazi occupation of France. A pilot at heart, Saint-Exupéry used his influence and fame to earn himself the right to fly reconnaissance for the U.S. Air Force, returning to the war over the protests of his admirers, friends, and family, all of whom wished to keep him out of harm’s way. On July 31, 1944, only weeks before the end of the war in France, Saint-Exupéry flew from Sardinia on a mission to photograph the Nazi positions near Annecy and was never heard from again.

Saint-Ex is a magical and evocative exploration of Saint-Exupéry’s adventures and romances; of his tempestuous marriage to Consuelo de Saint-Exupéry, his Salvadorean wife, and his delight in the brotherhood of the Aéropostale; of the fierce intellect and profound sensitivity of a soul who gave his life fighting for his home and beliefs, but who left behind that eternal character, The Little Prince.


Alice Bliss

Book by Laura Harrington, Lyrics by Adam Gwon
(Based on the novel Alice Bliss by Laura Harrington)

Development history:
  • Commissioned by Playwrights Horizons and Stacey Mindich
  • 2013 Goodspeed Musicals Johnny Mercer Writers’ Colony
  • 2013 Rhinebeck Writers Retreat
  • 2014 Goodspeed Musicals Johnny Mercer Writers’ Colony

When Alice learns that her father is being deployed to Iraq, she’s heartbroken. Matt Bliss is leaving just as his daughter blossoms into a full-grown teenager. She will learn to drive, shop for a dress for her first dance, and fall in love, all while trying to be strong for her mother and take care of her younger sister. Alice wears her dad’s shirt every day, even though the scent of him is fading, and his phone calls are never long enough. Life continues without him, but nothing can prepare Alice for the day two uniformed officers arrive at their door with news.



Book by Laura Eason, Lyrics by Sean Barry
Directed by Kent Nicholson

Development history:
  • Commissioned by Chicago Shakespeare Theater
  • 2012 Rhinebeck Writers Retreat
  • 2013 Goodspeed Musicals Johnny Mercer Writers’ Colony

Maggie and Kate Fox heard it first; then their parents; then the hundreds of members of the tiny community of Hydesville, New York summoned to witness the rappings of a spirit from beyond. No one knew how it had managed to cross over, but one thing was certain: it had chosen the Sisters Fox as its conduit from the spirit world to ours. So began one of the most astonishing journeys of mid-nineteenth century America. Under the guiding hand of their elder sister, Leah, Kate and Maggie went on to channel spirits for audiences across the country. Yet even as their fame grew, the private lives of the Sisters Fox began to fall apart. Kate and Leah quickly succumbed to the temptations of gas-light New York, while Maggie found herself increasingly guilt-ridden over all those who believed in the sisters’ ability to speak with the dead—the parents and widows and widowers so desperately seeking consolation. In the midst of this chaos, Maggie met and fell in love with a famed arctic explorer named Elisha Kane. At his impassioned urging, she abandoned her career; publicly betrayed herself and her sisters as frauds; and converted to Catholicism, staking everything on Elisha’s promise that they would be wed. Yet Elisha’s family refused to allow the union. Elisha swore to Maggie that over time he would wear them down, but it was simply not to be: Elisha perished during one of his expeditions, leaving Maggie alone. Bereft over her loss, she did what so many others had done before her: she sought consolation in the parlors of the mediums, desperately trying to reunite with her one true love. In 1904, long after the Sisters Fox had passed away, the Hydesville house in which their story began suffered two fires and was slated for demolition. As the workmen broke through the cellar wall, they made a horrific discovery: the skeleton of a man sealed behind the plaster. How the remains had come to be there and how the man had met his end—like so much else about this tale—remain a mystery to this day.

Past Projects


Silent Sky (incidental music)

Play by Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Meredith McDonough
Produced by TheatreWorks/Palo Alto, January 15 – February 9, 2014


Elizabeth Rex (incidental music & songs)

Play by Timothy Findley
Directed by Barbara Gaines
Produced by Chicago Shakespeare Theater, December, 2011 – February 2012
2012 Jeff Award Nomination for Incidental Music


As You Like It (incidental music & songs)

Play by William Shakespeare
Directed by Gary Griffin
Produced by Chicago Shakespeare Theater, January – March, 2011
2011 Jeff Award Nomination for Incidental Music


Crossing Brooklyn

Book and lyrics by Laura Harrington

  • Commissioned by the Boston Music Theatre Project (Marilyn Plotkins, Artistic Director)
  • 2008 Kleban Prize for the Book of a Musical

Development history:
  • 2006 Workshop/Production at Suffolk University
  • 2007 ASCAP/Disney Musical Theatre Workshop
  • 2010 Reading as part of Bristol Riverside Theater’s America Rising Series

Production history:
  • Transport Group, October-November 2007 (Directed by Jack Cummings III, Orchestrated by Mary-Mitchell Campbell)
  • Pace University, March 2009
  • Beautiful Soup Theatre Collective, January 2011
  • Harvard Community Players, April 2012


Alice Unwrapped

Book by Laura Harrington, Lyrics by Jenny Giering & Laura Harrington

  • Commissioned by Premieres, Inc., Paulette Haupt, Artistic Director as part of “Inner Voices: Solo Musicals”

  • The Zipper Theatre, New York, May 2008 (Directed by Jeremy Dobrish)
  • Rough Cuts Series, Nautilus Music Theatre, Minneapolis, MN, July 2008
  • Baldwin-Wallace College, November 2008
  • Spirit in the House Festival, Nautilus Music Theatre, Minneapolis, MN, March 2009


Princess Caraboo

Book by Marsha Norman, lyrics by Beth Blatt and Marsha Norman
Directed by Gary Griffin

Development history:
  • 2003 Writers’ Retreat at TheatreWorks/Palo Alto
  • 2003 New Works Festival at TheatreWorks/Palo Alto
  • 2003 National Musical Theatre Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center
  • 2005 National Alliance for Musical Theatre’s Festival of New Musicals
  • 2006 Workshop at Goodspeed Opera House, Norma Terrace Theatre
  • 2008 29-hour staged reading at The Roundabout Theatre Studios


The Mistress Cycle

Book and lyrics by Beth Blatt

  • National Art Song Award, January 1995
  • National Music Theatre Network Director’s Choice Award, September 2005
  • 3 Nominations 2008 Jeff Awards (Best Director, Revue - Kurt Johns; Best Production, Revue; Best Actress, Revue – Angela Ingersoll)

  • New York Musical Theater Festival, September 2005 (Directed by Joe Calarco)
  • Apple Tree Theatre Company, Highland Park & Chicago, IL, December 2007 and July 2009 (Directed by Kurt Johns)
  • Harvard Community Players, Harvard, MA, June 2008
  • Minnesota Fringe Festival, July/August 2008
  • Aria Entertainment’s Page to Stage Festival, London, UK, March 2014


Songs from an Unmade Bed

Lyrics by Mark Campbell
Directed by David Schweizer

  • Drama Desk Nomination for Best Musical

  • New York Theatre Workshop, June 2005
  • Nautilus Theatre, Minneapolis, MN 2006
  • New Works Collective and Know Theatres, Cincinnati, OH, 2007
  • Celebration Theatre, Los Angeles, 2009
  • Orlando Shakespeare Theatre, Orlando, FL, 2009
  • Ringwald Theater, Ferndale, MI, 2009
  • Theatre Three, Inc., Dallas, TX, 2010
  • Provincetown Counter Productions. Provincetown, MA, 2010
  • Judith Wright Centre for Performing Arts, Sunnybank Hills, Queensland, 2011
  • Empire Theatre, Toowomba, Queensland, Australia, 2011
  • Columbia College, Chicago, IL, 2011
  • Gaslight Theater, St. Louis, 2011
  • Teatro del Hotel NH, Mexico City, 2012
  • Pride Film & Plays, Apollo Theater, Chicago, IL 2014


The Hotel Carter

Book and lyrics by Stephanie Fleischmann
Directed by Joe Calarco

  • Frederick Loewe Award and Workshop, May 2000
  • Cameron Mackintosh Development Award (New Dramatists’), May 2000


Still Life (one act)

Book and lyrics by David Javerbaum

  • Special Adjudicator’s Award for New Work, New England Regional Community Theater Festival, August 1996
  • Special Adjudicator’s Award for Excellence in Music and Lyrics, Eastern Massachusetts Association of Community Theaters, March 1996

  • Harvard Community Theatre, Harvard, MA, Summer 1996
  • Bridewell Theatre Lunchbox Series, London, Spring 2003
  • Henlopen Theater Project, Rehoboth Beach, DE, July 2004
  • Barrington Stage Company, Pittsfield, MA, August 2005
  • Blue Spruce Theatre Company, Watertown, MA, November 2008


Arthur’s War (incidental music and songs)

Play by Catherine Filloux
Directed by Rachel Dickstein

  • Commissioned by Theatreworks USA
  • Workshopped at Theatreworks USA, April 2002


Island of the Blue Dolphins

Book and lyrics by Beth Blatt
Directed by Rob Ruggerio

  • Commissioned by Theatreworks USA

  • Toured for two sold-out seasons, 2001-2003

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