Look for Me - The Album

Rob Lester’s review on Talkin’ Broadway:

The first thing I did after playing Jenny Giering's debut solo album the first time was to simply play the whole thing again. There were a few reasons. On some songs, I had been paying attention to her vocal qualities at the expense of really concentrating on the material because I find her voice so attractive and emotional; it has a mix of vulnerability and strength that shouldn't co-exist but do. Other tracks set me to dwelling on certain melodic or lyric lines that grabbed me because they were especially intriguing, and I knew I had missed something in the middle. Several times, I just had trouble catching some words (the miking and diction aren't perfect, but the intelligent and precise word choices are worth the leaning in).

A few of the songs are familiar from in-person performances or earlier recordings: "I Will Follow" is on Audra McDonald's first CD; "I Can't Walk On" was on last year's N.E.O. (New, Emerging, Outstanding) multi-artist concert CD. Some listeners are familiar with Jenny's voice from the Windflowers album, the songs of Jerome Moross. Others know her as a musical theater composer (The Mistress Cycle, Princess Caraboo and others).

The material here is not from her theater work, but these are adult, emotional songs with clear attitudes and points of view. They tend to be reflective and examine a specific moment or mood. The opener is especially accessible ("Burning the Days") with a series of short phrases nicely balanced with longer, sustained notes later on as the song builds. "Sea Prayers" is one of Jenny's most attractive and evocative songs, with its celebration of true contentment, and she captures that feeling in her voice.

The title song is the only collaboration, featuring a sensitive lyric by Sean Barry, Jenny's husband, and is the only track just with piano accompaniment. Otherwise, Brendan Milburn of the band GrooveLily (who play on the CD, along with Tim Lefebvre on bass and guitarist Chris Tarrow) arranged and produced.

She makes a strong impact both as a writer and singer, thoughtful and passionate in both roles.

To listen: http://cdbaby.com/cd/giering

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